Trial attorney
Ben Werner
I deal with problems before and during the legal process, provide consultations to private and commercial clients, and help with business operations.

Berlin, +49 123 456 789
My services
FOr private clients
An initial telephone consultation is provided on common issues of law. Emergency telephone consultations are available in urgent cases, such as traffic accidents or detention by policemen. I provide legal help with a range of issues, such as those concerning family and dependency relations, registrations of birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, death, and recognition of paternity. I also work on the ownership of the title documents, inconsistencies of the name in the documents and in the passport or birth certificate, the fact of possession and use of the real estate, and the fact of the accident. I also assist with inheritance search and act as a place of opening the inheritance.
For commercial clients
Our services for commercial clients include analysis, assessment, and development of the documents, support of transactions, assistance in the negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, development of constituent documents, advice in connection with the conclusion of the corporate agreement, restructuring and reorganization, plans, and models of corporate governance, design of corporate structures for the implementation of projects, protecting the shareholders' rights.
Work experience and practice
I have 10 years of experience in Legal Services, 7 out of which I hold an attorney rank. I am a member of The German Bar Association since 2011, currently working in Berlin.
I represent organizations and individuals in legal matters related to domestic, foreign, and corporate law, as well as real estate transactions. Additionally, I specialize in matters of immigration law, advising both employers and highly qualified professionals.

Since becoming a lawyer, I've been awarded with "ANYU" ratings from LF and A+, as well as being selected for “The State Honour: Top 10” list. Many of my cases gain country-wide media attention. In my spare time, I travel the world and play the guitar on a riverside bank, and spend time with friends and family.
Price list
Below is a price list for my standard services
Private clients consultation
Commercial clients consultation
Preparation of legal documents
Providing instructions to the solicitor
Courtroom representation
Latest news and relevant materials
Personal data security
Software-based security solutions encrypt the data to protect it from theft.
Intellectual property
Artistic works including music and literature, inventions, words, phrases, symbols, and designs.
Real estate registration
The information recorded and the protection provided will vary by jurisdiction.
Contact me
+49 123 456 789
Berlin, registration number 0/123/45